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What is Time Management?

Time management is an essential life skill to learn for boosting efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity. It is about doing everything you want in a finite time. Giving equal time to family responsibilities, office work, and hobbies is difficult when a person lacks this time management skills. It is more than organizing, planning, and allocating time for the most crucial task. It plays a vital role in our lives and helps in achieving success. 

time management

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Time Management Mind Map Examples

Example 1 Project Time Management

Time management is a subset of project management. In this, a timeline gets examined and produced to complete a project. It has six elements- activity definition, activity sequencing, activity resource estimating, activity duration estimating, schedule development, and schedule control. We represented all this in this project time management example. 

Project Time Management Mind Map
Example 2 Good Time Management

Many people struggle in their day to day life because of the absence of good time management. Any person can acquire this strategy with some practice and focus. The below time management mind map shows how someone can manage his or her time effectively. Time management is the central idea here. Branches are to represent the relationship between various topics. Proper time management involves making a to-do list and prioritizing them. 

Time Management Mind Map Example
Example 3 Poor Time Management

Delaying completion of a task, ignoring family and friends, living a stressful life, unable to make time to relax; all these are the result of poor time management. There will be a lot of rush in your life because of this. This example is to show the numerous disadvantages of improper time management. Notice the way the mind map is depicting where one has to improve. For instance, procrastination and continuously work, both are the symptoms of poor time management. 

poor time management example

Why is Time Management Important?

Many people have a terrible habit of spending their precious time on useless activities. It will only make them an irresponsible person. Everyone must learn to use their time wisely. And it can be possible only when you will understand its importance. Following points will describe the importance of time management-

  • Limited Time

 Each person on this planet gets 24 hours in a day to do whatever they want. Nobody gets extra time. Making the best use of it will help in achieving set goals and targets. 

  • Smart Work

Time management assists in doing a task smartly with less time and effort. Hard workers put a lot of effort in completing a work. Smart workers do it quickly with the art of time management. 

  • Better decision making

People with good time management skills can make better decisions. They have adequate time to plan and fashion the proper choice.

  • Avoiding pressure

 Poor time management will put you under pressure when a lot of work is left to do, and time is less. Hence, you require to avoid unimportant tasks and concentrate on the right one. It will lower your burden. 

  • Making time for you

Staying busy for the entire day is not suitable for anyone’s health. Effective time management will provide you plenty of time for yourself.

  • Self-Discipline

When you are implementing effective time management, it is impossible to take the risk of procrastinating. You will start to live a disciplined life. 

  • Become Successful in career

Dedicated students or employers always seek for better job opportunities. Good time management will make you more successful in your career. 

Time Management Tool – EdrawMind

EdrawMind is a brilliant time management tool to draw a simplified time management mind map and organize your ideas. Millions of people love this online tool. Plenty of themes, styles, HD marks, and clip art make EdrawMind a unique mind map drawing tool. Know its features and benefits below-

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  • Convenient tool to draw different mind maps
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  • Easy to create an account and draw mind maps
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  • It facilitates the process of producing a mind map 
  • It has a friendly user interface
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  • EdrawMind helps in building effective time management mind map to plan your day

How to Create Your Own Time Management Mind Map?

Building your own time management mind map is an effortless process. When you have understood the functionality of EdrawMind time management tools, then it becomes easy to design the desired mind map. You have to follow the given steps and apply them to EdrawMind. 

Things to consider before drawing a mind map

  • The designing of every mind map starts by choosing a central idea
  • Keep adding subtopics wherever needed
  • Collect thoughts and depict them in your mind map
  • Plan properly, think and take short breaks when you are feeling confused
  • Establish the relationship between topics and subtopics
  • Leave some space so that you can add a text later

Creating Time Management Mind Map with EdrawMind

  • Firstly, register on edrawmind.com 
  • You can download its software too in desktop
  • When users register and log in, a new interface will appear with the menu in the left-hand side
  • Find the new option and click on it
  • Choose the type of mind map you want to create
  • Now, start building your time management mind map
  • Remember to try every possibility to understand what they do
EdrawMind mind map