Digestive System Concept Map Template

Get into the process of how your digestive system works after eating your food through a straightforward visual illustration.
Digestive System Concept Map Template

What is a digestive system concept map?

The food you eat takes a fantastic journey through your digestive system (from your mouth to your anus). A digestive system consists of your gastrointestinal (GI) tract and your liver. Your GI tract comprises your stomach, esophagus, mouth, small and large intestine, and anus. Each of these organs helps in moving the food and liquid you take in. Along its journey, parts of your body absorb that food that gives you nutrients and energy.
Learning the process that your food goes through in your digestive system gets complicated when you are just reading it. The best strategy to do is to use a digestive system concept map. Concept maps are visual illustrations of information about a particular concept, idea, or subject. Concept mapping has become a proven learning strategy that most students use to learn complex concepts, primarily visual learners.

Benefits of a digestive system concept map

Concept maps are highly beneficial to all of its users. Aside from the students, concept maps can also be advantageous to teachers. Different researchers around the world claimed that students using concept maps improved their performance in school. As you are about to learn the digestive system, here are the reasons why you should do it by using a digestive system concept map.
  • It allows you to organize the information about the digestive system in a way that you can easily understand.
  • It helps you develop your logical thinking and build a better understanding of the digestive system.
  • It assists you in improving your critical and analytical thinking.
  • It shows you the bigger picture of the digestive system.
  • It lets you understand the different relationships between pieces of information about the digestive system.
  • For teachers, it helps them teach their students the digestive system concept that students can easily understand.

Digestive System Concept Map Templates

There are several ways to construct a concept map. You can do it using online software or just by drafting it on a piece of paper. Its design is straightforward as it aims to help its users through simplicity. A bit of information from a concept can be represented by any shape, and these are called nodes. The usual shape used is a box. Then a line connects every node to show their relationship. Here are some templates of the digestive system concept map that you can use in making yours.
The first example shows a very detailed concept map of the digestive system. Even if the nodes are not placed in a box, it is still designed to be understandable by users. A unique feature about this concept map is that pictures of the organs are included.
The second example below is an example of the usual designs of concept maps. Boxes enclose the pieces of information, then a line with arrowheads connects them. Also, notice that in between the lines, a phrase or word is inserted. The author did this to emphasize what is the relationship between both nodes of the line.
This last example of a concept map template is one that teachers use for exams. Still, it is the same as the usual ones design-wise.

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