Nervous System Concept Map Template

Explain and describe thoroughly how the human body's nervous system works using a user-friendly diagramming tool.
nervous system concept map

What is a nervous system concept map?

Who's not familiar with the nervous system? You bet everyone knows since it serves as your body's command center. Without it, all other parts of the body will never function. It controls almost everything in your body, from your movements, automatic responses, thoughts, breathing, digestion, and sexual development.
To illustrate these functions and processes can be a handful. It might take you several days or weeks to present connections of each process. Sure, you can always rely on science books to explain for you; however, some learners might find it challenging to understand through reading sentences and paragraphs. In some cases, they can get a better grasp of the functions through visual illustrations.
Here lies the method of concept mapping. A nervous system concept map is a graphical illustration of several processes associated with the nervous system.

Benefits of using a nervous system concept map

The nervous system involves not only the processes but also the possible diseases, illnesses, and other abnormalities that might affect bodily functions. A concept map allows you to focus on a particular nervous system component and explains its role and related organs.
Suppose you just want to introduce the nervous system; you can create a general diagram illustrating the macro perspective of the subject. A concept map also provides an interactive approach as creators can add images and essential links so viewers can visually grasp the concept of the diagram.

Nervous System Concept Map Templates

Concept maps concerning the nervous system can come in several forms and designs. Below are some template examples which you can use as references:

Example 1

The concept map below illustrates the components of the peripheral nerves. It is one of the two main parts of the nervous system, which comprises the several nerves which start from the central nervous system all over the human body. The system sends information from the human brain and spinal cord to the organs, legs, arms, toes, and fingers.

Example 2

The second example shows the two main parts of the nervous system - the PNS or the peripheral nervous system and the CNS or central nervous system. It is a simplified mind mapping illustration of the functions of the PNS and CNS and how they are interconnected. You can also see that the creator included essential body parts, which are vital for the two main components to function correctly. The diagram uses several colors to categorize each element.

Example 3

The same with the second example, the concept map below focuses on the general subject of the nervous system. This was created through mind mappinggwith a hierarchical illustration of all the aspects involved in the nervous system. Though you can see several boxes on this third example compared to the previous two, it strategically categorizes every essential element of the subject. As a viewer, you can immediately understand which part of the specific element belongs to the nervous system.
Besides this strategy, you can also put colors on every category you wish to clarify your diagram.

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