Double Bubble Map Template

Easily classify the differences and similarities of two elements using a diagram.
Double Bubble Map Template

About the double bubble map template

What is a double bubble map?

A double bubble map is a diagram used for comparing and contrasting things, people, places, events, art objects, and ideas. In a classroom setting, this map can guide students in understanding categories. Double bubble maps usually have two central bubbles where the elements or ideas are written. Then other bubbles are added between the main ones to represent common elements, while other bubbles are drawn on the outer parts of the central bubbles to represent the differences.

When and why should I use a double bubble map?

Educators can use double bubble maps to explain class lessons better. For example, a teacher can use this diagram in science classes to check students' comprehension of animal and plant cells by comparing the two. A student can use a double bubble map to compare and contrast ideas and information provided in various exam questions in English lessons. At the same time, teachers can also utilize the diagram to lead students to comprehend an essay or poem better.

How to make a double bubble map in EdrawMind?

By the time you visit EdrawMind's website or launch its software, you will immediately find pre-built templates that you can use. You simply click the "Use this template" button, then view and edit yourself.
However, if you prefer to make your double bubble template, read the following instructions:
  • Upon launching EdrawMind on your browser, you need to choose 'bubble map' from the interface to direct you to the blank project.
  • On the upper left pane, you will see options such as inserting topics, floating topics, and inserting relationships through arrows and lines. The right pane of the interface provides you with options if you wish to add objects or texts to your diagram.

Double Bubble Map Examples

Creature Double Bubble Map

This type of double bubble map illustrates the different animal creatures on earth. You can divide them into central circles - one for those living on land and another for creatures that thrive on water. Remember, besides presenting the difference of the animals in terms of their habitat, a double bubble map can also illustrate which creatures can thrive in both land and water. Those creatures are usually seen inside the circles in between the two main elements.

Double Bubble Map Graphic Organizer (Blank)

A graphic organizer is an excellent way for a student to organize their thoughts and other information. Most double bubble map organizers are blank so users can insert and organize their ideas. Like other double bubble maps, you can choose colors for your circles to illustrate your diagrams better.

George Washington & Abraham Lincoln: Double Bubble Maps

The good thing about double bubble maps today using online software is you can insert images besides texts. This is an essential tool, especially if you wish to present differences and similarities of people such as the United States of America presidents. Besides writing about their various achievements during their terms, you can also write about their hobbies, family, and educational backgrounds. It will depend on how you want to categorize and present facts for each individual.

Teaching Methodes Double Bubble Map

Using this kind of double bubble map, teachers can properly illustrate how different the teaching methodologies were years ago from today. This way, they can assess what methods are still influential today, and the areas of improvement that educators need to do, to better present their lessons to their students.