Bubble Map Template

Use the bubble map template to determine suitable nouns and adjectives for your sentences or identify the relationships among your favorite characters.
Bubble Map Template

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Concept Map Bubble Map
Concept Map Bubble Map
Bubble Map Graphic Organizer (blank template)
Bubble Map Graphic Organizer (blank template)
Harry Potter Bubble Map
Harry Potter Bubble Map

About the bubble map template

What is a bubble Map?

Well, it will not be as hard as you imagined it to be if you use a template that visually represents nouns and adjectives to use for your essays and sentence constructions. A bubble map is one of the several thinking maps that can guide you through centering your thoughts and improving your creativity. People use bubble maps to simplify several complex information and topics.
A single bubble can be related to one or more bubbles in the diagram. A bubble map is also an excellent tool to comprehensively classify and group things, especially if you collaborate with other people, like preparing reports, office presentations, analyzing stories, and planning a project.

Benefits of a bubble map / Why to use it?

There are several benefits one can get from using a bubble map template. Below are some of them:
  • It is an excellent way to define various things visually that can be comprehensive enough for anyone.
  • A bubble map is also a great medium to illustrate the relationship between things.
  • It quickly classifies things and other elements.
  • It is a helpful instrument for analyzing, learning, and remembering information efficiently.
  • It can also be an excellent tool to use in schools to understand concepts, their related things, and their association.
A bubble map template is an excellent visual tool to understand complex topics better and efficiently. When formulating this template, it has to be clear, concise, and well-designed by presenting the main idea in the center bubble and drawing more bubbles in its surroundings associated with it. The related bubbles are then connected using lines.

How to make a bubble map in EdrawMind?

With several online tools today, you can easily create bubble maps in minutes. Using EdrawMind, you utilize and edit pre-built templates using your browser, or download a bubble map template and edit it using EdrawMind on your desktop.
On the other hand, if you wish to create from scratch and have your template, follow these instructions:
  • Launch EdrawMind desktop and create a mind map in just a click.
  • Go to the Right Panel > Layout > One click switch to the bubble map. You can use shortcuts: press Enter to add topics, Tab if you wish to add subtopics.
  • Style and customize your bubble map with colors, themes, and clipart.
  • Another way of creating bubble maps is through floating topics and relationship lines.

Bubble Map Examples

The bubble map is part of several thinking maps; within the bubble, maps are various types. Check out some of them below:

Concept Map Bubble Map

The concept map is a graphical or diagram medium that visually illustrates relationships between ideas and concepts. Most concept bubble maps depict ideas as boxes or bubbles that are structured hierarchically and are connected with arrows or lines.
The reason why concept bubbles maps are effective is that they are visually appealing. Technically, the brain processes images and visuals 60,000 times quicker than with texts. Since it is designed to organize and represent ideas, it can help people visualize the concepts and test their comprehension of complex topics.
The example below is a straightforward illustration of dog breeds using a concept bubble map. Readers can immediately familiarize several kinds of species by just looking at the diagram. You can also customize by adding images on the bubble of how these breeds look like.

Bubble Map Graphic Organizer (blank template)

A graphic organizer combines the traditional outlining with visual representations using a diagram. This helps students to visualize and conceptualize relationships between ideas. This blank graphic organizer is helpful for teachers to sort out details and main ideas, word analysis, pre-writing, concept mapping, brain dumps, background knowledge collection, among others.
Also, bubble map graphic organizers are helpful learning tools for students of any age to clarify, organize, and simplify complex ideas to construct better comprehension by exploring relationships between different concepts. This kind of diagram has a dual function being an effective instrument for both teaching and learning.

Harry Potter Bubble Map

Harry Potter has a world of its own. Those who read the book and watched the movie can quickly identify and link the characters’ relationships; however, those who did not will have difficulty understanding the relationships. A bubble mind map is an excellent instrument to comprehend the interlinkings in Harry Potter’s magical world.
The bubble map example below visually illustrates Harry’s world’s critical elements and aspects, such as the characters, locations, series of books, events progression, relevant plot points, and vocabulary. The diagram has transformed the long list of information into a visually appealing, colorful, and highly organized template. What was once confusing information has turned into a more comprehensive illustration of Harry Potter, especially for those unfamiliar with it.
Harry Potter Bubble Map

Immunology Bubble Map

Immunology focuses on and studies the immune system and is an essential branch of the biological and medical sciences. As described earlier, a single bubble can be connected to one or more other bubbles in the diagram. The diagram below best illustrates that definition. This diagram is usually used in medical studies to comprehensively demonstrate the relationship between immunology and its components that surround it.
The white bubbles on this illustration might be confusing for some so that you can use some colors to group the elements in the diagram. You do not want your bubble map to look boring and stiff when presenting it, so it is best to maximize the features of the online tools you are using.

Bubble Map Example: Generals Die in Bed

A bubble map is a multi-purpose diagram. It can illustrate and connect relationships from a novel. Looking at the example, it not only shows the relationships among the characters in the story, but it also demonstrates the emotions portrayed in the story and associates those emotions with the characters.
This is an excellent way to simplify and digest the situations in the story. It can also be beneficial for those doing book reviews in this novel.

Do More with EdrawMind

Gone are the days when people would turn to whiteboards and coloring materials to create a diagram to simplify complicated concepts and ideas. In just a few clicks, you can easily create various bubble maps according to your liking. If you make a complex bubble map, it is always best to use graphic software that offers multiple bubble map templates. The good thing about pre-built templates is that you just have to fill in the blank bubbles with details, add colors and arrows, then you are done. It also does not need large storage space in your computer to save these diagrams.
EdrawMind is a collaborative brainstorming and mind mapping tool that allows users to create diagrams, customize, and collaborate with other team people. It is both web and software-based, so you can edit and easily export diagrams from whichever way possible for you. Like the given examples above, you can go for a minimalist approach on your bubble maps or insert stickers, images and change colors for better visuals.