Marketing Brief Template

Use an illustrative template so your team will not miss out on the essential things for your events and projects.
marketing brief template

About the marketing brief template

What is a marketing brief?

A marketing brief is any document that outlines marketing campaigns, so all parties involved in the event or project have the same information. By conducting discussions and brainstorming sessions, you can understand the organization's project goals, mission, and challenges the team faces. Then from that information, you can now formulate a marketing brief template that focuses on the essentials for the company or the client.
The idea of a marketing brief can be both straightforward and complex. It is even hard to wrap all the information into a few pages, as the formulation of this template involves several sections, which will be discussed later in the article.
Marketing briefs can be standard documents, just like every advertising, design, or advertising team document. The format for every marketing brief can vary to suit the requirements of a project or a client. Regardless, it must include all the essential steps for a creative marketing brief.

Why write a marketing brief?

A marketing brief is not merely a document. It allows people involved to work efficiently and accomplish specific goals for the team. Here are four reasons why you need to have a marketing brief template:
  • The marketing brief must explain the role of the given marketing strategy. Generally, it must align with the more significant marketing objectives of an organization or a company. A startup company that looks to grow usually has a marketing plan which emphasizes specific strategies to increase customer reach.
  • Within the marketing, briefs are also details and measurements that will decide the success of the company's campaign. Marketing specialists must emphasize the essence of allocating enough resources to the company's marketing budget. A detailed marketing brief lays out the significant resources and funding to complete the objectives at hand.
    Of course, you also need to present every piece of your marketing plan, gearing towards sales increase and lessening project costs. The program also lets you explain what you opt to accomplish within the given budget, making it possible for company executives to evaluate the potential return of investments.
  • A marketing brief is not for short-term purposes as it should identify the specific target audience and determine realistic outcomes of a project. The document helps company managers and executives develop and track expectations in other functional areas. The project's goals will speak highly of how the marketing specialist designs strategies to achieve such expectations. For example, if the company plans to generate more sales, they must increase sales staff in their stores. If the plan is geared towards better customer service to improve loyalty and retention, the company must allocate funds to train stronger customer support teams.
  • A marketing strategy will never be complete without human resources. Formulating a marketing brief allows companies to set timelines and assign responsibilities to parties involved in the marketing campaign. By the time the strategies are in place, every member or a team is assigned tasks for implementation.

What to include in a marketing brief?

Various elements comprise a marketing brief. The following are some of them:
  • Project details. The project details include the project name and brand being promoted, timeframes for every stage of the project, and a final due date. It generally includes all the essential information in the marketing brief, like who is requesting the work, formulating the document, and the final approver. Some might miss out on the last point; however, it is crucial to help the creatives decide how to design creative proposals for a higher chance of being approved.
  • Channels. These are mediums where you execute your marketing campaigns. If you have a regular channel, you can immediately include that in your marketing brief. For example, if you wish to use social media channels and web portals to amplify marketing campaigns, you can specify them in your brief. In some cases, the campaign brief template will largely depend on the creative ideas designed for the project.
  • Proposed Budget. Marketing campaigns can never be realized without any funding. If your company wants to have good results, of course, you need to invest. This element should not be left out as it is one of the essential aspects of the marketing brief template. The proposed has to be realistic to avoid redos of marketing briefs.
  • Audience Information. This is another essential element in the marketing brief which marketers must take note of. You need to know the audience the company is trying to reach and persuade. You can provide detailed profiles of the target audience that you include in your marketing brief.

Marketing Brief Examples

Marketing briefs can vary from company to company. Here are some examples on which you can base your structure from:
The first example above shows a marketing brief for an influencer with target audience information. The template is a simplified version of a marketing brief with precise details about the project, its goals, and target audience. Remember that you can also add the budget for the project on the diagram. With online tools, users can easily edit and insert stickers or images if they want to.
The second example is a more detailed and specific marketing brief. It is a lengthy one, but it provides almost everything a project needs, including the timeline and budget. Remember that one of the elements of an effective marketing brief is a template that lays out all the necessary details so marketing specialists, creative teams, and business managers can provide specific strategies and identify realistic goals.
You can see in the example that it is more colorful, and the format is different from the first one. A marketing brief can be designed in whatever way you want to present your template through online software. Since you have a wide array of options, you can play with all the available tools and make it look visually appealing, straightforward, and easy to understand.

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