How Now Wow Matrix Template

Easy execution regarding brainstorming and arranging new innovative ideas.
How Now Wow Matrix Template

About the How Now Wow Matrix Template

Coming up with ideas is a hard task, and difficulty increases as you move forward. With the launch of new products, you tend to be out of ideas regarding the next launch. It can be hard for both you and your team to always come up with new and innovative schemes. Work complexities, hard decisions, and minimal resources tend to enhance the amount of risk involved in the overall project, and this can be a challenge; however, it can be managed through the how now wow matrix.
How now wow mechanism is built like a game that encourages creative thinking and helps to come up with innovative ideas. in this game, there is a matrix of 2X2. The matrix has the fundamental axis, X and Y. The X-axis stands for the originality of the idea, while the Y-axis stands for the feasibility of the idea. Now you can divide the ideas into these categories according to feasibility and originality. This matrix helps you organize and prioritize which idea is acceptable. This helps in creating a new source of innovation in the cooperate business sectors.

When should I use a How Now Wow matrix?

When your team is stuck with roadblocks and is not capable of coming up with innovative ideas, you can use the How Now Wow matrix due to the versatility of the How Now Wow matrix and multiple teams can use it simultaneously. This helps in increasing the work spirit of your theme through various innovative brainstorming ideas. Provides the needed push to maximize the innovation level of your team. In order to have the full benefit of this tool, you can segment the team members think smaller groups so they can come up with more innovative ideas.

How to use the How Now Wow matrix?

The How Now Wow matrix is very easy to understand and is very user-friendly. Following are the steps you need to follow:
  • The matrix works on the axis. Notice that the access represents two different constraints where you can put your ideas. on the horizontal axis, put the ideas according to originality. On the vertical axis, put the ideas that are easy to execute.
  • Now start the reduction processes according to originality and feasibility. The idea that is not that original and is hard to execute should be deducted first.
  • The ideas in the How category are always unique; however not feasible for execution. The ideas in the Now category tend to be on the lower side of acceptance. On the other hand, the ideas in the Wow category tend to be easy to execute and unique as well.

How Now Wow Matrix Examples

When it comes to the concept of How Now Wow matrix, there are many examples present in the market, we have collected a few of them. Here are the examples:
  1. Henneke Duistermaat’s valuable tips and blog articles: The first and the best example of the How Now Wow mechanism is Henneke Duistermaat’s Blog on the How mechanism. The blogs heavily state topics regarding the how part. All of the blog posts are very much useful. You can also find collaborative work regarding the business as well.
  2. River pools learning hub: The second example of the how posts would be the river pool hub as it answers all the questions regarding business-to-business firms. It also tackles various other topics like marketing and sales tactics that will definitely be useful to many.