JetBlue Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

JetBlue's mission and vision statement analysis illustrate how the company values safety, caring, passion, and integrity. Check out EdrawMind's analysis as we break down JetBlue's mission and vision statement.
JetBlue Mission and Vision Statement Analysis


JetBlue is a statement in itself in the travel world. As one of the leading Airlines in the world, the company is missioned and visioned to provide the best travel experience to a traveler. It caters to premium flight schedules, customer treatments, and comfort during travel. JetBlue tops the list of service providers among airlines.

Thus, the objective and working principle of the company get reflected in its mission and vision statements.

The mission and vision statements of JetBlue show how the company is committed to the proper functioning of the airlines. The vision statement is the image of the company policy of providing the best traveling experience at a very competitive fare. On the other hand, the mission statement backs the thought of giving back to society and making a substantial change for the better.
The company's core values would let the customer feel safe and at ease with the airlines. Not only customers, but it also reflects how it nurtures its workforce with inclusivity and diversity as the dominant flavor. The company's core values from the very initial stage have made it the way it is today.

The JetBlue Mission and Vision Statement Analysis will help in sketching strategies that will lead to the future growth of this organization. In this article, we will analyze JetBlue's mission and vision statement along with the core values by creating a mind map using EdrawMind. As you will see, the mind map created using EdrawMind is creative, engaging, effective, and helps the student to retain the information.

Mission Statement of JetBlue

JetBlue's mission statement is "to inspire humanity - both in the air and on the ground. We are committed to giving back in meaningful ways in the communities we serve and to inspire others to do the same."

People are at the heart of the company, and this company is all about customers first. JetBlue likes to nurture a healthy relationship with its customers and considers its customer base its primary lifeline for a successful business. The factors influencing the mission statement are:

Prominent services

Airlines provide services at par with the customers' comfort traveling and are designed according to that. The day-to-day operation of this company shows how diligently it follows its mission statement. It is the foundation of the entire business. It provides a flawless customer experience regularly. The mission statements also show the organization's future as valuable in its relevant industry.

To inspire humanity

This company believes in giving back in whichever way possible. Whether providing services to its customers, developing a healthy relationship with them, or conveying a healthy competitive environment to its competitors, it exhibits sheer inspiration to the others. The way it conducts its business with customer comfort as the motto and raising the bars is sure to inspire a lot.

Improving travel standards

JetBlue keeps on improvising and improving its service standards at a competitive fare with every step. It also ensures that the company policies are at par with environmental safety. A healthy environment as a motto of its services has made travel better and even safer for the customers. Thus, this aspect raised the bar of the travel standards in the industry as a whole.

Vision Statement of JetBlue

JetBlue's vision statement is "continual emphasis on providing competitive rates for customers for all of our destinations."

The company's vision statement determines its growth rate and where it will be in the future. JetBlue has a vision that will take the company to the next success level and in a continuous process. The pricing of the flights is the primary focus of JetBlue's vision statement. Better service at a lower price, making it affordable to a larger mass. The factors predominating the company's vision statement are:

Competent flight rates

The company successfully recognized the untapped market that lies upon travelers who cannot afford flight rates. By making the flight fares cheaper, JetBlue has welcomed one and all. JetBlue has a wide range of flight fares that covers almost all customers, from luxury travelers to the ones who otherwise would never afford air travel. Expanding the market is a success achieved by the company's vision.

Maximum destinations possible

JetBlue aims to cover domestic and international destinations both in an affordable shell. The airline has gained popularity over the years due to its vision. According to the company's vision, they will try to cover as many destinations as possible at a competent flight fare. It includes both local and international destinations. Its aspiration to fly to every destination at a low cost is an exceptional point of its vision statement.

JetBlue has gained the reputation of being one of the cheapest flights that can take you anywhere. Thus, they are a well-known choice for many travelers, both in and out of the country.

Core Value of JetBlue

JetBlue's core values comprise "safety, caring, integrity, inclusivity and diversity, passion and fun."

If a customer cannot rely on the business, he will never avail of the company's services. JetBlue understands this and thus has brought together all the factors in its core values that make it a top choice amongst air travelers. Core values are the driving units of a company on a day-to-day operation. The core values have helped shape its priorities and work culture.

The components of the company's core values are:

  • Safety
  • Care
  • Integrity
  • Inclusivity
  • Diversity
  • Passion
  • Fun

Since the initial stage of its establishment, JetBlue has followed these core values as a strict rule, resulting in current massive company growth. It provides safety and care to its customers at all costs, and the work culture reflects a workplace of integrity, inclusivity, and diversity. However, the passion and fun behind the functioning of the airline company is another reason for its success. These values have driven the airline to its path vision, mission, and success. In the current times, JetBlue is marked as one of the most competent airline companies and is now the sixth largest domestic airline in the nation.

JetBlue Mission and Vision Statement Analysis Mind Map

Instead of going ahead with a more traditional way, you can opt for a mind map when you analyze JetBlue's mission and vision statement. Creating mind maps is a fun activity and a great learning method for students and researchers who need to retain detailed information. Here, we have created a mind map pertaining to all the information and details related to JetBlue's core values and statements.

JetBlue Mission Vision Statement Analysis Mind Map

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  • Prominent services
  • To inspire humanity
  • Improving travel standards


  • Competent flight rates
  • Maximum destinations possible

Core values

  • Safety
  • Care
  • Integrity
  • Inclusivity
  • Diversity
  • Passion
  • Fun
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Key Takeaways

Several airline companies struggle to make a mark in the industry, but not everyone can make it like JetBlue. The vision and mission statements, with their diligently followed core values, are the factors that have helped JetBlue to reach the top. For an airline company to have a clear-cut vision and mission statement is like having a predetermined path set for its journey, and that is what JetBlue has taken pride in following.

As illustrated in this analysis article, creating a mind map to depict the mission and vision statements is fun and ensures that the reader grasps the important information quickly. EdrawMind is the best mind mapping tool that offers a wide range of features, aspects, and elements that are required to create wonderful mind maps. In the EdrawMind Gallery, you will find the mind map templates like education, health, management, business, and more. Check out the template that comes close to your vision and start modifying it as required. Download EdrawMind today and start working on some amazing mission and vision statements of different companies.

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