Radial Map Template

A radial map is used to visualize hierarchical data. It is also an ideal tool for goal settings.
Radial Map Template

About the radial map template

What is a radial map?

Do not let your goals be sidelined and static; instead, use a powerful tool to guide you in putting your to-do list into action and turn your aspirations into reality. A radial map is an excellent medium for everyone with goals they wish to accomplish or tasks they need to finish. This particular diagram allows you to plan out everything you need to do in a visually appealing manner.
This type of diagram is inspired by a pie chart, where each segment indicates specific data. Like the typical mind map, the radial map starts with one idea in the middle of the map, such as yearly goals. There will be various segments and elements surrounding the central idea representing your specific goals like finances and health. Child segments will sprout outwards, which are more detailed steps on the things to be done to achieve the primary goal.

Benefits of a radial map

A radial map can provide a 360-degree perspective of your information to break down ideas into specific and individual goals and identify priorities. Here are other reasons why a radial map is worth using:
  • You have the chance to view the bigger picture. A radial map allows you to build a visual overview of a central goal or an entire topic, so it can easily be digested into specific elements. Having a bird’s-eye view, you can see a clearer picture of priorities, hierarchy, and urgency.
  • Control over your workload. The radial map organizes details and information by representing ideas and tasks as parts of the main goal or an entire project. The node’s size on your diagram will have a connection with its importance. You can adjust the dimensions of the nodes, and as your priorities shift, you have the control to reestablish the essence and urgency of every element in the diagram.
  • It sharpens one’s focus. Since the radial map allows you to break down specific goals, you can focus on the most critical goals in your diagram and strategize how to achieve them. Some radial map templates allow you to update the diagram once you change goals or perspectives.

How to create a radial map in EdrawMind?

With several online tools today, you can easily create radial maps in minutes. Using EdrawMind, you utilize and edit pre-built templates using your browser, or download a radial map template and edit it using EdrawMind on your desktop.
On the other hand, if you wish to create from scratch and have your template, follow these instructions:
  • Launch EdrawMind desktop and create a mind map in just a click.
  • Go to the Right Panel > Layout > One click switch to the radial map. You can use shortcuts: press Enter to add topics, Tab if you wish to add subtopics.
  • Style and customize your radial maps with colors, themes, and cliparts.
  • Another way of creating radial maps is through floating topics and relationship lines.

Radial Map Examples

A radial map is more than just a diagram that allows its users to digest specific goals strategically. Here are some examples of radial maps:

Goal Setting Radial Map

The goals setting radial map allows you to be focused on the goals at hand, whether you are using the template to be on track with personal goals or using it to set shared goals for you and other members of your team or organization. By having a bird’s-eye view of what you want to accomplish, you can see what your priorities should be at a particular given time.

SWOT Analysis Radial Map

SWOT means Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. It is a technique to assess the four aspects of your business or organization. It is a straightforward tool that helps your team analyze the things that are doing good for your organization and design future strategies. SWOT can also identify aspects of your business that are holding you back or elements that your competitors can exploit if you do not protect yourself and your team.
You can gather team members to brainstorm and fill in the details of the four sections in the SWOT analysis radial map, similar to the example below.

Psychology Radial Map

The radial map on psychology below focuses on several aspects: background, main themes, applications, major theories, and methods. All the five mentioned have something to do with psychology, and on the outer part of the diagram are specific elements that correlate to the five main sections. You can see the template also uses colors to represent every section. This way, the user can quickly identify which elements belong to each section.

Save the Bilby Fund

Save the Bilby Fund is a charity institution working to protect Bilby from extinction. The radial map example below is divided into three main sections: Bilby, conservation, and charity. This is the organization’s way to promote its cause strategically and not leave any essential element behind. You can see from the example below that there are several outer sections on this radial template, and they are classified through colors. The farther the section is from the central circle, the more specific the details are.
Remember that you still go further if you think you need to be more specific with your diagram.

Daily Routine Radial Map

The daily routine radial map illustrates the things you do daily. The example below has five main sections: in the morning, afternoon, evening, my hobbies, and about me. On the outer sections are specific activities you do under each section. You can add more sections if you wish to and add another color, other than yellow, to highlight every section in the diagram.
This radial map is a unique way of taking notes of your to-dos every day. Remember that you can also update it daily if your routine varies every day. Since it allows you to have a bird’s-eye view of your routine, you will not miss out on essential daily habits.

Idea Generation Radial Map

Idea generation is making, developing, and communicating an abstract, visual, or concrete idea. It is a creative process where concepts are understood as a primary element of thought. Idea generation can be vast, so you need a medium where you can group primary ideas and digest them into specific ones, to be able to assess what needs to be prioritized first in the process. The example below is about the next internet revolution. You can use contrasting colors for your diagram to highlight the texts and group the elements accordingly.

Do More with EdrawMind

The concept of the radial map comes from the traditional pie chart. However, they differ in several ways. A radial map allows you to determine the essential elements of your goals or projects since the diagram can break down main components into more specific ones. This lets an individual or organization design strategies that are geared towards specific goals.
The examples above can be a handful to create such templates, mainly if you deal with complicated ideas. However, with technology today, pre-built radial maps are now online. Some even allow one-click switches between radial map and mind map. EdrawMind is not only about the one-click switch that you can take advantage of, as the interface will enable you to insert texts, images and customize colors. A wide array of premade templates are also available if you want to skip the hassle of creating a radial map from scratch. EdrawMind is a flexible graphic tool since it provides you with options on how to edit your radial maps. Either you can install the software on your computer or start editing by using the browser. Whichever way you choose, you still get the same options and tools for your diagrams.