Sony Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Learn from Sony's mission and vision statements and core values and see how it has helped the company reach new heights in the marketplace.
Sony Mission and Vision Statement Analysis


Sony Corporation is a multi-billion-dollar company with interests in technology, entertainment, banking sectors, and gaming media. The company's purpose and vision statements are notable for consistently motivating the organization to retain its economic and business position. The vision statement establishes the company's ultimate aim. Sony emphasizes the notion of kando in this scenario, which is also highlighted in the company's mission statement. The corporate purpose outlines the methods through which the company may achieve its company objectives. Sony's goal and vision statements support one another in a way, ensuring the company's stronghold on the market.

Sony Corporation creates successful financial services, technology, leisure, and gaming items with its vision and purpose statements in sync. The company's corporate goal and vision successfully influence organizational and personnel performance, ensuring industry business resiliency.

Sony's SWOT analysis separates all of the company's primary strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, allowing it to climb up to new heights. Read this article to have a better grasp of Sony's position. The SWOT analysis of Sony identifies the company's strengths, which separate it from its rivals, as well as its weaknesses, which impede the brand from operating successfully, and where it should focus to strengthen its brand value.

Mission Statement

"A firm that gives clients with kando—to move them emotionally—and encourages and meets their curiosity," according to Sony's corporate mission. The mission emphasizes the significance of kando and the benefits it provides to clients. The following are the components of Sony's mission statement. Customers are provided with kando, which inspires and satisfies their curiosity. Sony Corporation's mission statement emphasizes the notion of kando. The business purpose and the vision statement become more aligned as a result of this concentration.

  • Life is Better with Sony: The first attribute in Sony's mission statement refers to the company's goal of releasing designs with high levels of consumer experience. Sony understands the value of its goods, particularly in terms of improving consumers' lives. This explains why it is continuously motivated to increase quality rather than settle for average.
  • Expectations were exceeded: Sony exhibits its continuous commitment to promoting innovative mindsets that drive the production of better goods in the second component. It has done this through a variety of designs that promise to improve not just the experience for customers but also their relationship with the business.

The mission statement needs Sony to design goods that elicit emotion in customers to properly implement the philosophy. Customers are attracted to and retained by the PlayStation because of an emotional link formed via gaming. The second part of Sony's mission statement, in this case, focuses on what the company must accomplish for consumers. In this instance, the corporation must arouse and satisfy the interest of its customers.

Vision Statement

"Our ambition is to combine our love for technology, entertainment, and services to provide in manners which only Sony can," Sony says of its business vision. The principle of kando is highlighted in this vision. Sony Corporation's vision statement includes the following elements:

  • Kando delivery
  • Make the most of our enthusiasm for technology, content, and services.
  • Only Sony can do things in unique ways.

The notion of kando is introduced in Sony's vision statement, which is defined as "emotional participation" or the "capacity to trigger an emotional reaction" by CEO Kazuo Hirai. The notion is used in the creation and innovation of products. Sony's general approach and aggressive growth strategies are both aided by the deployment of kando. The second part of the vision statement explains what the firm has to accomplish to offer kando. Employees at the company, for example, must design and build new game items using their enthusiasm for technology and content.

  • Kando is being delivered. Within Sony, Kando reflects the emotional bond that exists amongst all employees. It's a component that this vision statement underlines as a crucial bonding factor for the company's operations and procedures.
  • The Sony method of doing things. Sony emphasizes its distinctiveness as a brand and what it accomplishes in this section. In reality, this is shown in its enthusiasm, commitment to the kando spirit, and, most importantly, the high quality of its goods and services.

Core Values

"Vision and ambition, variety, honesty and honesty, and longevity" are among Sony's key principles. They help Sony attain its targets by ensuring that it stays on track. They are linked to the following factors:

  • curiosity
  • imagination
  • Diversity
  • Dreams
  • Sincerity and honesty
  • Sustainability

Sony thinks that to be the greatest in the future, it must be inventive from a variety of perspectives, as seen by the first and second values. It also acknowledges the possibility of acting ethically and responsibly. Finally, the organization recognizes that by incorporating these features, it will be able to maintain its image.

Sony Mission and Vision Statement Analysis Mind Map

Sony's vision statement only partially adheres to best practices and principles. The corporate vision, for example, explains how to supply kando and therefore does not specify a desirable future state of the firm. A good vision statement should include specifics about the company's desired future condition. As a result, one suggestion for Sony to strengthen its corporate vision statement is to include information on a potential business state that may be achieved by providing kando, such as market leader in gadgets, gaming, leisure, and financial sectors.

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Key Takeaways

The mission statement of Sony presents a broad overview of the company's services to consumers. The corporate purpose, on the other hand, lacks sufficient knowledge to drive strategic decision-making. A good mission statement should include enough detailed information about what the organization needs to accomplish to fulfill the corporate goal. In Sony's situation, the purpose statement isn't detailed enough to assist strategy development. The corporate mission statement plays an important role in this accomplishment since it specifies the procedures for attaining the vision statement's objectives.

In truth, Sony's mission statement covers the key activities that make up the company's performance, as well as their expected outcomes and influence on the industry as a whole. A company's operations must be directed by specific principles, which are known as core values. Sony's productivity has been influenced by values such as sustainability, variety, and honesty. These are the primary components that should lead the organization in staying loyal to its mission and vision statements in the best-case scenario. To make things even simpler and easier is to make a mind map with EdrawMind that also allows you to edit pre-built mission and vision statement templates.


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Learn from Sony's SWOT analysis and see how Sony separates all of the company's primary strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, allowing it to climb up to new heights.