Unilever Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Unilever's mission and vision statement recognize the significance of sustainability as well as other market changes that are influencing the industry.
Unilever Mission and Vision Statement Analysis


The purpose and vision statements of Unilever are critical to the success of the company's consumer products division. The organization's current approaches are outlined in the business mission statement. In the case of Unilever, the mission statement affects how the company responds to the demands of its target market. On the other hand, the corporate vision statement directs the organization's development. Unilever's vision statement outlines what the corporation must achieve to be successful in the long run. Unilever's goal and vision statements remain current and suited to global market conditions, given the company's position as one of the world's largest consumer products companies.

The vision statement of Unilever represents the company's growth and success in the global consumer products sector. Unilever's mission statement demonstrates the value of its goods and how they help customers.

Mission Statement

"To impart energy to live," says Unilever's business mission statement. With brands that help people feel well, look good, and get something out of life, we satisfy everyday demands for nutrition, cleanliness, and hygiene products." The company's mission statement emphasizes how it serves clients in numerous areas of their life. Unilever's mission statement has the following important components:

  • Increasing life's vitality
  • Providing for daily nutritional, hygienic, and personal care requirements
  • Assisting individuals in feeling better, looking better, and getting more out of life

In Unilever's corporate purpose statement, adding energy to life is a broad indicator of business strategy. The value that customers may anticipate from the company's products is full of liveliness. The corporate purpose also identifies the elements of life to which such energy is brought. Unilever's food items, for example, cater to consumers' nutritional requirements.

Vision Statement

The Vision Statement of Unilever is to "To make new sustainability normal," says Unilever's business vision.says Unilever's business vision. " We feel that this is the finest long-term strategy for our company's expansion." The concentration in this vision statement is on sustainability, particularly among customers. In Unilever's vision statement, the following elements stand out:

  • Sustainable living has become commonplace
  • The best long-term strategy
  • expansion of the company

Unilever's business vision statement includes a commonplace sustainable lifestyle as a key component. This element illustrates the company's attempts to adapt its goods to changing market circumstances. Unilever, for example, helps consumers achieve their goals of integrating sustainability into their life through sustainable design for home care and personal goods. According to the corporate vision, ordinary sustainability is the greatest long-term strategy for the company.

Unilever recognizes the significance of sustainability as well as other market changes that are influencing the sector. Furthermore, the company's idea of sustainability as a means of sustaining commercial growth is reflected in the vision statement. This vision statement is in line with Unilever's corporate social responsibility approach for consumer products sector stakeholders.

Core Values

It takes a team to live according to the Unilever Code of Business Principles. The common values of our workers make up a large part of Unilever's strength. Our aspirations don't end there. We want to have a good impact across our value chain; therefore, we're working with partners, distributors, and other third parties to raise the bar on human rights and anti-bribery and corrupt concerns.

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Responsibilty
  • Pioneering

Unilever is stronger as a result of our commitment to business ethics. It assists us in attracting, retaining, and engaging the finest personnel, as well as assisting us in selecting the greatest suppliers and business associates. It safeguards our employees, our assets, our reputation, and our stakeholder relationships. It helps to create the right environment for collaboration, both within and with our partners. Finally, it assists us in achieving long-term growth and executing our Unilever strategy.

Unilever Mission and Vision Statement Analysis Mind Map

Even though the company's mission and vision statements imply a strong desire to create sustainable lives throughout its goods, the vision statement only highlights the targets they want to reach along the way. Unilever aspires to be in the upper third of the industry by demonstrating extraordinary results. The company's 2020 objective is to assist one billion people in a better understanding of their health and well-being, enhance supply chains so that people may have better lives, and reduce the environmental effect of all of its goods in the line by half.

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Key Takeaways

Unilever's vision statement expresses the company's ambition to be a leader in providing customers with sustainable living options through consumer goods. The statement, on the other hand, makes no mention of the company's ideal position as a corporate entity. A strong corporate vision statement includes specifics about the organization's anticipated future condition.

Unilever's mission statement contains specific details on what the company does and must do. The firm, for example, gives vigor to life by providing items that fulfill consumers' nutritional, hygienic, and personal care demands. In this respect, the company purpose statement meets the requirements for clarity in broad strategic approaches. Unilever's mission statement, on the other hand, may be improved by including more detail on how the firm strategically fulfills its goals of bringing vibrancy to consumers' lives. To have the people understand the mission and vision statement better is to use a mind map template. For that, EdrawMind has the perfect solution, as they have pre-made built-in templates for you to choose from.


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