Boeing Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Boeing's mission, vision, and core values illustrate how this US airline reaches a global audience. Check out EdrawMind's analysis as we break down Boeing's mission and vision statement.
Boeing Mission and Vision Statement Analysis


Boeing is one of the largest US-based aerospace manufacturers that started functioning in 1916. People recognize Boeing for its innovative and well-rounded services regarding commercial and military aircraft. The company supplies aircraft to various commercial airlines worldwide and exports rockets and satellites. They are also known for dealing in military weapons, electric defense, and launch systems with military aircraft. Their progressive approach, innovative mindset, and strong leadership have made them emerge as a dominator in the aerospace manufacturing field.

The company's mission and visions have allowed it to set its goals, leading them to success. Though the aerospace manufacturing companies underwent a massive loss from 2020 to 2021 due to the pandemic, Boeing successfully bounced back, making a good profit for Boeing. The mission and vision of Boeing will reveal how they managed to stay a key player in the aerospace field for more than a hundred years.

Boeing Mission and Vision Statement Analysis reveal the company's commitment and the reason behind its global connections. Their missions reflect their visions, which they have transformed into goals. Over the 100 years, Boeing has achieved several milestones, but they have successfully kept its core value intact.

In this Boeing Mission and Vision Statement Analysis, we will help you understand how Boeing's mission statement helps them reach the global audience and help you create a mind map using EdrawMind that makes Boeing's Mission and Vision Statement Analysis more informative to all those who are studying a brief history of this company.

Mission Statement of Boeing

The Mission statement of Boeing is, "People working together as a global enterprise for aerospace industry leadership." The Mission statement explains how the company is not solely concentrated on manufacturing aircraft but is also motivated to add value to society.

Boeing values its mission statement, and its commitments and actions stand evident to that. Its consistent success shows that its mission statement is impactful enough to improve the life of the people. Its mission statement reflects its commitment to its consumers and social responsibilities.

You can break down Boeing's mission statement into these elements:

Reaching the Global Audience

As one of the biggest aerospace manufacturers, the brand has a robust presence in the global aviation industry. On average, Boeing delivered more than 700 planes worldwide from 2014-2018. It shows Boeing's influential connection around the globe.

Technologically Advanced Products

The company's consistent success is rooted in its teamwork and innovation. Boeing is delivering technologically advanced aircraft to commercial airlines, and at the same time, they are working on advancing their military defense and launch systems. They have studied the airline industry to improve their products and ensure safety.

Improving and Inspiring

The market leadership of Boeing is not limited to a specific part of the world. They have gained public confidence with their continuous strive to maintain safety standards to prevent mishaps. Their teams are constantly working to generate better results. Hence, their leadership qualities and team-building inspire the rest of the community. They have entered alliances and collaborations to provide the best service worldwide.

Vision Statement of Boeing

Boeing's Vision Statement is "designed to inspire and focus all employees on a shared future and to reaffirm that, together, we can meet the challenges that lie ahead." You can see how the Mission statement of leadership influences the vision statement, which values the teamwork and progress of every employee.

Boeing has always preferred to applaud the leadership potential of people working for them. It is a way to inspire their skilled employees to work together for a better future. As a game changer in the aerospace world, Boeing is well aware of the challenges. Hence, their Vision statement does not only show how different they are from their competitors but also reflects their commitment to their employees, consumers, and society.

The company's vision statement can be futures expanded into these ideas:

Working for a common goal

The company clarifies what they set as their goals, which involves their shared future. Their common goal for the employees and the stakeholders is not limited to fulfilling the demands of advanced aircraft. They aim to use the innovative minds of the leaders and the experience of their skilled employees to bring sustainable changes in society and the field of aerospace engineering.

Promoting innovations

To maintain their position at the forefront of aircraft manufacturing companies requires them to produce technologically advanced units. Therefore, Boeing values innovations and plays a crucial role in promoting the same. Technological innovations impact the aviation market and eliminate the risks of mishaps, all at once.

Core Value of Boeing

Boeing's mission and vision statement suggest that the company wants to develop a work culture where the teams work together to bring in some sustainable changes. They focus on building a community that has people staying in close contact.

They value the leadership that binds the teams and inspires the skilled employees to work for the better. Their core values are:

  • Unity in Diversity
  • Impacting society and not the environment.
  • Accountability
  • Quality and safety for everyone
  • Engineering Excellence for a better future

The company holds itself accountable for the service they provide. Therefore, Boeing aims to maintain the best standards. They value their teams and customers while connecting the communities as a global brand. Their consumer base is scattered all over the world. Hence, it is challenging to bring everybody together. However, the company uses its core values and promises to serve as a tool to unite them. Thus their working standards inspire the people they work with and work for, and this helps them to achieve their goals as they understand their social responsibilities. Therefore, they try to decrease wastage and produce aircraft that will cause less harm to the environment.

Accountability is another core value the company maintains to be a trustworthy aerospace manufacturer. They put their best effort into innovating to ensure the best quality and safety of the people that avail of their services. They are inclined to bring in sustainable changes in aerospace engineering that will inspire others to follow.

Boeing Mission and Vision Statement Analysis Mind Map

Students who work on a company's mission and vision statements tend to forget important elements or aspects. Simultaneously, the elaborations cannot be this detailed if the students look for quick revisions. Instead of expressing Boeing's mission and vision statement analysis traditionally, we can opt to create a mind map that pertains to all this information. We have created a mind map in EdrawMind to illustrate Boeing's mission and vision statement analysis.

Boeing Mission Vision Statement Analysis Mind Map

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  • Reaching the Global Audience
  • Technologically Advanced Products
  • Improving and Inspiring


  • Working for a common goal
  • Promoting innovations

Core values

  • Unity in Diversity
  • Impacting society and not the environment
  • Accountability
  • Quality and safety for everyone
  • Engineering Excellence for a better future
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Key Takeaways

There are several reasons Boeing could maintain its position as one of the top aircraft manufacturers in the world. Their diligent effort to bring changes for a better society is generated by their adherence to their mission and visions. Over the years, the company has earned its recognition as a trustworthy company because it held onto its core values. Their aim to serve people while working together for a better tomorrow has empowered them to stay in the position of leader. It allows them to follow their mission and vision while embodying their core values.

As we saw in this illustrated Boeing's mission and vision statement analysis, EdrawMind is a great mind mapping tool with many features. Such aspects of EdrawMind help the students and professionals to create mind maps for their personal and professional endeavors. In the EdrawMind Gallery, a registered user can find templates ranging from business, marketing, health, education, and more. Go ahead and download EdrawMind and start creatively analyzing the mission and vision statements of different companies.

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